About Us

Krufarm is built with the following vision, mission, and core values:
Vision: To become a builder of a global sustainability community with a common sense
Mission: To create the communities of sustainability for global wellness
Core Values:
Sense of community: Working in a community to build the communities
Purposeful: Purposeful pursuit drives success
Sustainability: Sustainability is our responsibility for the future generations
Respectful: Respectful attitude drives engagement for success 
Creative imagination: Creative imagination drives innovation and creation for success

Krufarm is founded by
Dr. Nophea Sasaki (Kimphat), a Professor of Natural Resources Management and Technovation with high skills in digital online marketing. He has a strong passion to create a global sustainability community.

and it co-founded by

Chantara Rath, UI/UX Designer with strong passion in sustainability technologies. He was an English teacher before joining the Krufarm dream team
Dr. Somanta Chan, a Sustainability Officer with stroong passion in community development and sustainable business. He obtained his PhD in Applied Environmental Informatics.
Dr. Manjunatha Venkatappa, a Postdoc and Modern Mapping Specialist with interests in applications of technolgies for large-scale monitoring of natural resources.